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Our Manufacturing Process is 100% Efficient and Earth Friendly, Making Us One of the Greenest American Home Fitness Suppliers

How Green Are We?

Located on the edge of the Nebraska Sandhills, Needak Manufacturing fully appreciates our natural resources. Many of us support all natural and organic farming, ranching, and dairymen locally and responsible companies nationally who provide us with healthful products.

Since we take our quality of life so seriously, we have taken the following steps to control our impact on our environment:

1. We understand that many of our customers have issues with chemical sensitivity and have eliminated all chemicals from our production process. We even utilize all natural or organic cleaning products in our facility.
2. Our production generates a considerable amount of cardboard waste which is sent to the local recycling/sorting center. We sort out quality cardboard and recycle it to our cardboard supplier to be reused immediately in packaging for others.
3. We have arrangements with several of our suppliers to recycle packaging materials back to them or to facilities that can utilize them.
4. Damaged pallets are transferred to pallet recyclers. Therefore every pallet we receive finds a home when we are done with it.
5. Scrap metal is recycled including salvage from packaging banding and aluminum soda cans to reject steel parts.
6. We reuse packing peanuts, bubble wrap, bubble packs and small boxesfor shipping. There are several businesses in our town who collect these items for us to reuse so their landfill impact is smaller. (We are not allowed to reuse rebounder shipping boxes under UPS regulations-voids damage insurance)
7. Our fork lift uses clean burning propane rather than gasoline or diesel fuel.
8. We utilize state of the art zonal heating and cooling of our facility to reduce electricity demand and emissions. Our systems are on “smart” thermostats and only condition work areas when needed. We have also converted to fluorescent lighting targeted to work stations rather than general lighting. These measures have made our facility a much safer and more comfortable work space and has reduced our energy expense by nearly 50% over the last 2 years.
9. We use electronic communications (e-mail, e-fax, telephone, web, etc) whenever possible to reduce mailed items, toner/ink usage, paper consumption, etc.
10. Waste paper we do generate is collected, ground up, and either composted or used as mulch in our personal gardens.
11. Our employees no longer purchase bottled water for work as we have installed a filtration system to remove contaminants from tap water. Even with employees drinking more water, we have reduced our overall water consumption by more than 50% in the last 3 years. We provide a comfortable break room with an energy efficient refrigerator/freezer in which many of our employees store their lunch and snacks. By encouraging use of reusable containers our employees save money over going out for breaks and have reduced our curbside waste significantly.
12. Little things…paper clips instead of staples whenever possible which are removed and reused when the item goes into the filing cabinet. Used office furniture, computer equipment, production equipment, tools instead of new. Flexible employee schedules which maximize employee’s personal time with more efficient commuting, ride sharing, etc.


Nebraska and South Dakota have abundant solar and wind resources. Needak is currently examining efficient means to generate electricity for portions of our production and look forward to reporting our results in the coming months.

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