Lead Free

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Needak Rebounders Are 100% Lead Free and Made in the USA to Guarantee Safety and Durability

Lead Free?

With all of the concern over lead based paints and noxious chemicals leaching from imported products, Needak wants you to know:

The powder coat paint used on Needak rebounder frames and stabilizing bars is certified lead free. Powder coating process used on our metal components heat seals the paint to the bare metal rendering it chip resistant and completely safe for small children and pets. In addition, the paint itself is completely inert and wastes can be landfilled without any special treatment or hazardous materials containtering.

Asian importers are not concerned with noxious odors which are given off by their products. Since environmental laws are virtually non-existent in parts of Asia, we frequently hear from customers about chemical leaching and outgassing. Vinyl products manufactured in Asia use chemical stabilizers that have been banned in Europe and North America. Inorganic stabilizers break down readily and thereby release potentially hazardous decomposition products including lead. The motto appears to be, “What can we get away with today!”

Rebounder importers are at the mercy of overseas manufacturers. Every order is completely different because they frequently change suppliers. This is evident in the variation in springs, jump mats, workmanship, etc. Unfortunately for the consumer…”Take what you get and don’t throw a fit!” is the rule.

It doesn’t have to be that way and that is why Needak says NO! to cheap Asian vinyl products.

Bounce your way to better health with a rebounder for weight loss, rehabilitation, cardiovascular fitness, and bone strengthening. We will help you meet your fitness goals with consultations, demonstrations, and personalized rebounder programs for you or your agency.

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