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Maximize Your Rebounder Workout With Resistive Rebounding Exercise DVDs

Immune System The DVD by Albert Carter US$19.95
Al Carter is known for his informative and entertaining presentation of the Healthy Cell Concept. You will gain a greater appreciation of your body and how to maintain your good health. The information contained on this video is pure dynamite and you will want your friends and family to view it as well 45 minutes.
Bounce Before You Jump DVD by Linda Brooks US$19.95

The first true “How-to” video for rebounding. Learn the ABC’s of proper rebounding technique and get more out of your rebound experience.  Beginner.

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Carol’s Health Bounce DVD US$19.95
Carol Brophy’s highly popular exercise program. Approx 30 minutes.  Beginner.



Sneider’s Perfect 20 Minute Workout DVD by Harry and Sarah Sneider US$24.95
After Harry & Sarah Sneider answer some questions for you, Sarah then leads you in a perfect 20 minute workout. And the location? The lawn of the Royal Hawaiian on exotic Waikiki. Video – well…uh…20 minutes (if you don’t count the 2 new workouts added to this tape!).  Beginner/Intermediate.


Sneider’s Resistance Rebounding DVD by Harry & Sarah Sneider US$24.95
Fitness Experts Dr. Harry, Sarah, and Rob Sneider bring you 7 quick workouts to transform your life. Approx 45 minutes.  Intermediate.



Sneider’s Workout Combo DVD by Harry & Sarah Sneider US$50.00 US$45.00 (10% off)
Both Sneider’s workouts – Perfect 20 Minute and Resistance Rebounding.  Intermediate.


Dance Bound DVD by Tracie Finan US$24.95
Tracie Finan shows you the dance moves in her exercise routine. 30 minutes.  Advanced.


Sports Specific Bound DVD by Shannon Griffiths US$24.95
Shannon Griffiths helps you tone up for your specific sport. 30 minutes.  Advanced.



Advanced Old fashioned Hi-Lo Bound DVD by Allison Nolan


Allison Nolan leads a traditional “high impact” aerobic routine done on a “low impact” rebounder. 30 minutes. Advanced.


Senior Rebounding-Oldies But Goodies DVD by Charles Tyler


Charles “JoJo” Tyler leads you through a beginning level program suitable for many seniors. Gets you moving, but a pace you can keep up with. Approx 20 minutes. Beginner.



Bouncin’ In The House DVD by Blanche Black


Blanche Black gives us a wonderful beginning level workout. This is actually a 2 video set in which Blanche leads you through a stretching routine as well as an introductory rebounding workout. A good addition to any library. 30 minutes. Beginner.



Smart Bounce (The) DVD by Blanche Black


Blanche Black takes her workout program to the next level. This intermediate level program challenges you to expand your horizons. Intermediate – 45 minutes. Intermediate.



Smart Bounce Combo (Bouncin’ In The House & Smart Bounce) DVDs



(9% off)

Both workouts by Blanche Black: Bouncin’ In the House and Smart Bounce. Beginner/Intermediate.



Cardiolates DVD by Kimberly & Katherine Corp


A fun, new exercise system by Katherine and Kimberly Corp featuring the optimal combination of postural alignment and cardiovascular activity. Intermediate – 60 minutes. Intermediate.



Champion Rebounding DVD by Jerry James


Are you ready for a dynamic, low impact, high intensity workout that will make you feel more energized than you’ve ever felt before? Well, here you go! Jerry’s skill and techniques as a national boxing champion, a martial artist, and a law enforcement officer have been incorporated into this Champion Rebounding workout. Hosted by fitness expert Jerry James. 60 minutes. Intermediate/Advanced.

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Champion Rebounding For Kids DVD by Jerry James


Finally, a fun, safe, power-packed workout for kids of all ages! Champion Rebounding For Kids will energize, entertain, and motivate like no other program on the market today. This low impact, high intensity program will get kids off the couch, away from the computer, and into a truly enjoyable workout time after time. Hosted by fitness expert Jerry James, who has dedicated his life to building champions of all ages. 60 minutes. Beginner.

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Champion Rebounding Super Set DVD by Jerry James


FINALLY! A workout that will help you to firm up, tone up, and lose weight. And have a blast doing it. It’s all about being a Champion. Hosted by fitness expert Jerry James. 40 minutes. Extremely Advanced.

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Champion Rebounding DVD Combo



(11% off)

Any two Champion Rebounding DVDs. Very Advanced.

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