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Custom Fitness Programs for Individuals, Companies, and Government Agencies

We are available to discuss your clients’ specific needs and to develop appropriate protocols that will be most effective in addressing their individual issues.  For example, active military personnel can use the rebounder as an all-around cardiovascular and muscle strengthening tool, whereas a disabled veteran can use the rebounder with the stabilizing bar as a rehabilitative tool as well as a means of improving lymphatic and circulation flow.

We are available for consultations, demonstrations, and the development of rebounder programs that meet your agency’s needs.  We also provide educational and instructional materials in the form of books, reprints, illustrative charts, videos, and DVDs that can be used to teach the various rebounder exercise routines and for the user to follow as (s)he is rebounding.

Bounce your way to better health with a rebounder for weight loss, rehabilitation, cardiovascular fitness, and bone strengthening. We will help you meet your fitness goals with consultations, demonstrations, and personalized rebounder programs for you or your agency.

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