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Our Product: The Best Rebounder in the World

Needak® Manufacturing is the home of the world famous Soft-Bounce™ Rebounder. We offer the only rebounders manufactured entirely in the United States of America and pride ourselves on setting the gold standard as the premier mini-trampoline manufacturer in the industry, maintaining quality control from design to finished product. We don’t just want you to use our rebounder, we want you to love it!

What does “Gold Standard” mean? It means that when you jump or bounce on a sturdy Needak Rebounder, you will get the support your body needs for safe and effective exercise. Small trampolines that are called rebounders made cheaply (often imported and without proper quality control) will cause instability leading to back and joint pain due to the wrong type of springs (usually short, attached directly to the frame) and a hard mat surface. This unfortunate combination leads to overnation or pronation of the feet while jumping, causing imbalance, damage to the skeletal structure, and pain. We give you the proper instructional materials and customer support so that you rebound the right way on the right unit. We would rather you buy no rebounder than an inexpensive one that will cost you more in pain and doctor bills.


When you buy a Rebounder from Dakota Group, LLC you will also receive special routines, choice of video/DVD, and information specific to your needs. Optional 1, 2, and 3 pound sand weights are also available for a small charge. These are listed below, along with the best warranty from any manufacturer, and our Consumer Product Safety Compliance Statement. You can buy with confidence!

All REBOUNDER packages include FREE:

  • Carrying Case for folding rebounder
  • Instruction Book
  • Instructional Video or DVD at appropriate fitness level for client                (client’s choice)
  • Immune System DVD
  • Reprints:
  • 10-Minute Routine targeting specific areas of the body
  • 20-Minute Routine developed by Dr. Harry Sneider, who trains Olympic athletes and is featured in the major bestseller: Fit for Life II
  • 5-Minute Routine and Sun Salutation featured in the major bestseller:
    Fat Flush Fitness Plan.
  • Diamond Gait (right brain/left brain balance)
  • Chart showing various movements
  • Tighten/Tone
  • Optional routines/suggestions specific to client’s needs

Optional Weights to Enhance Your Rebounding:

Hand Wieghts
Sneider’s Sand Weight Pairs:

1 pound pair sand weights: US $14.95

2 pound pair sand weights: US $l5.95

3 pound pair sand weights: US $16.95

Combo: US $44.95

Sneider’s Mousepad Workout for your office: US $16.95



Get In Shape With the Needak Rebounder – The Best Mini Trampoline You Can Buy

Top 10 reasons why you should buy a Needak Rebounder
1. Friendly, expert support by real people.
2. Secure ordering, quick delivery.
3. High-quality materials and superior American workmanship.
4. Solid and stable rebounding platform since 1990.
5. Frame components securely attached with a high tech welding process.
6. Spring loaded legs that fold down for ease of storage.
7. Industrial strength fabrics for durability and long life.
8. Lifetime frame warranty.
9. Optional stabilizing bar for beginners, seniors or people with infirmities.
10. Largest selection of videos and books on rebounding available anywhere.
Needak® Rebounders
1. The only piece of fitness equipment you will ever need
2. Industrial quality construction, suitable for home, office or commercial use
3. Soft-Bounce™ spring absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce.
4. Affordable and portable
5. Easy to learn, easy to use, and provides incredibly efficient low impact exercise
5. All weather exercise for people off all ages.

Wide Range of Rebounders Available for Rehabilitation, Fitness, Bone Strengthening, and More

Needak Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder
US $369                      10+ US $332.10                            Shipping US $28.50 each
Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder is our most popular model with 36 soft-bounce springs on a folding 40″ diameter frame for portability and ease of storage. Best bounce for people up to 300 pounds

Needak Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder w/Stabilizing Bar
US $454                     10+ US $408.60                               Shipping US $35.50 each Soft-Bounce rebounder with a frame that folds in half. For people of all ages up to 300 pounds. Stabilizing Bar included.


Needak Non-Folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder
US $324                     10+ US 291.60                                      Shipping US $38.50 each

Needak Non-folding Soft-Bounce Rebounder w/Stabilizing Bar
US $454                    10+ US $408.60                                   Shipping US $45.50 each


Needak Folding Hard-Bounce Rebounder
US $404                   10+ US $363.60                                    Shipping US $28.50 each

Has stiffer springs for use by people who weigh 300-450 pounds.

Needak Folding Hard-Bounce Rebounder w/Stabilizing Bar
US $489                      10+ US $440                               Shipping US $35.50 each



Needak Non-folding Hard-Bounce Rebounder
US $359                     10+ US $323                               Shipping US $38.50 each
Non-folding Hard-Bounce rebounder has stiffer springs on a 40″ diameter frame. Same style used in Gyms and Health Clubs. Popular with intense athletes and health enthusiasts up to 450 pounds.

Needak Non-folding Hard-Bounce Rebounder w/Stabilizing Bar
US $444                     10+ US $399.60                     Shipping US $45.50 each


Needak Platinum Edition Folding Soft-Bounce rebounder

US $369           10+ US $332.10            Shipping US $28.50

Bright blue color — We offer this popular base for customers that prefer blue to our standard black rebounder. Contrasting edge banding — To aid in centering on the rebounder, Needak utilizes a space between the jump mat and spring cover. This visual cue tells you when you are near the edge of the jump mat. We have added a platinum band to make this more obvious when doing vigorous exercise. Improved jump mat — all of the platinum edition rebounders use our new mat cleat and newly upgraded sewing pattern found on our black rebounder to produce the best jump mat you will find anywhere.


High-quality materials and superior American workmanship combine to bring you the top quality, Needak® rebounder. Do not be fooled by Asian imports that mimic the Needak® Soft-Bounce™ rebounder look, but have inferior quality. Check for the Needak® label for your peace of mind.


Frame 40″ heavy guage American steel with solid steel platform pins
Height 10″ from the floor to top of unit
Weight 25 pounds
Hinges Time tested design attached with high tech welding process. Safe and secure.
Frame Finish Lead Free, baked on powder coat finish in blue or black to compliment the jump mat
Jump Mat Industrial grade polypropylene (tradename Permatron) fabric. Heavy-Duty edge banding on both top and bottom surfaces.
Cleats Steel safety cleat-does not have bullhorns.
Springs 36 reliable springs made of high grade music wire and attached to the frame through a replaceable clevis pin. Needak introduced the Soft-bounce™ spring in 1992 and it is now the industry standard. We introduced our Hard-bounce™ spring in 2008 for those who prefer a more firm bounce without the drawbacks of the classic spring.
Legs 6 steel leg tubes which attach to the frame platform pin via a spring. This allows the leg to be easily folded
Leg Tips Industry standard plus reinforcing metal plate for long life. Synthetic rubber material that won’t mar your floors.
Warranty No hype. No vague wording. No “fine print.” Upfront, straight-forward, and honest.
Accessories Stabilizing bar, hand weights, books and videos


In manufacturing the Needak® rebounder we insist that only the best materials and workmanship available be used. This assures us that the Needak® rebounder will be the best, from the standpoints of design, performance, and durability. Consequently, Needak Manufacturing LLC (NMLLC) offers the following limited warranty on each rebounder.

Residential Use

Needak® Manufacturing guarantees the following items to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the periods indicated:

Frame, frame hinges, platform pins, and leg tubes have a lifetime warranty

Mat, mat cleats, and spring pins have a five (5) year warranty

Mat springs, leg tips, leg springs, and safety spring cover have a two (2) year warranty

Commercial Use

Needak® Manufacturing guarantees the following items to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the periods indicated:

Frame and frame hinges have a five (5) year warranty

Mat has a two (2) year warranty

All other parts have a one (1) year warranty

Usual Fine Print Disclaimers

Purchaser and their authorized or associated users (Purchaser) acknowledges that NMLLC and its affiliates (defined as distributorships, such as Dakota Group, LLC) do not practice medicine, diagnose illnesses or conditions and is not rendering such professional services with regard to its products or any information provided. Any information provided by NMLLC and its affiliates is intended as historical, instructional, or for general information purposes.

Purchaser agrees to consult a healthcare professional before using any exercise device or beginning any exercise program, especially if pregnant, have pre-existing conditions, or are under the care of a healthcare professional.

Any piece of exercise equipment may be dangerous or even deadly if used improperly, negligently, and/or illegally. Purchaser will be responsible for appropriate setup, use, and maintenance of this rebounding unit and/or accessories. Purchaser agrees that they will use merchandise in a safe and legal manner, consistent with all applicable laws, recognized safety rules, and good common sense. Purchaser agrees to receive appropriate instruction in the use of the merchandise and train and supervise all authorized or associated users including minors and untrained or immature individuals.

Purchaser agrees to assume all risks related to and/or arising from your ownership and use of the merchandise and to indemnify and hold NMLLC and its affiliates harmless from any and all claims against NMLLC and its affiliates related to and/or arising from your ownership and/or use of the merchandise and shall not hold Needak Manufacturing nor its affiliates liable for any loss whether direct, indirect, bodily injury, or consequential damage.

Purchaser is responsible for determining whether merchandise and information in any NMLLC and affiliate documentation are appropriate for Purchaser’s use. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser only and is non-transferrable. It is valid for users not in excess of 300 pounds. No express warranties are given except for the above written warranties specifically provided by NMLLC and its affiliates. All implied warranties including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded.


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CPSC / CPSIA Compliance Statement

Needak rebounders are therapeutic exercise devices and therefore The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) would categorizes Needak rebounders as “Unregulated.” Under this heading, Needak is required to meet minimum industry safety guidelines and provide the following information:

Products covered: Needak folding rebounders, Needak Non-folding rebounders, and Needak Stabilizing bars. These products are for use in health and exercise by people age 13 and older. Needak rebounders are not tramplines or mini-trampolines (athletic/gymnastic devices) or toys and should only be used by children 12 or younger when supervised by an adult.

Recalls: None

Completed Litigation: None

In addition, new legislation entitled the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) adds additional protections for lead content (up to 600 ppm) and certain phthalates (up to 1000 ppm) for children’s products. This legislation took effect February 10, 2009 and all certification requirements must be met by February 10, 2010. Since Needak rebounders are not toys nor sold for unsupervised play by children, they do not fall under any of the categories of children’s products found in the legislation. Additionally, it is the interpretation of the Commissioner of CPSC that metals, fabrics, or other components that do not routinely contain lead are not included in the regulations. If Needak were compelled to comply with this legislation, only the coatings used to color the steel frame and stabilizing bar would fall under this regulation. Needak is not required to provide any disclosure at this time.

However in the public interest and to educate the public as to the dangers of foreign imports, we certify the steel, fabrics, coatings, and other components covered under CPSIA are in compliance with the regulations and are in fact lead free.

Bounce your way to better health with a rebounder for weight loss, rehabilitation, cardiovascular fitness, and bone strengthening. We will help you meet your fitness goals with consultations, demonstrations, and personalized rebounder programs for you or your agency.

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