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Past Performance and Success with Rebounders

Since 1998, we have helped many people achieve fitness, rehabilitation, health, and recreational goals. Below are listed actual experiences of users of the rebounder of which we have knowledge, as they reported them to Dakota Group, LLC.   None of them received any compensation for their telling us of their experiences with the rebounder.  Results will vary with the individual, depending on many factors, including health, intensity of use, diet, etc., and so should not be assumed to be typical.  The experiences described below are for information only, and not to be construed as medical advice.  Some of our past successes include:

A middle-aged man who worked out on his own weight machines could not slim his midsection.  Upon our advice, starting in October 1998, he started rebounding between sets and lost six inches by January 1999.  He was able to fit back into the jeans he wore in college as a young man.

Within 2 months, a 50-year old woman lost 8 pounds without dieting and beat her 180 lb. 6’3” boyfriend at arm-wrestling. Normalized underactive thyroid (got off medication) within 2 years. No longer required to wear glasses when driving (requirement removed from license).  Lung capacity and stamina increased dramatically.  Woman became distributor, forming Dakota Group, LLC.

Boyfriend of woman mentioned above started rebounding.  His masseuse said, “I know you have been working out for 2 years. What have you been doing this past week?”  She actually felt the difference in his muscles!  Soon afterwards, he beat the girlfriend in an arm-wrestling rematch.

A 72-year old woman who had been the traditional bottom-heavy pear shape all her life began rebounding and became the incredible shrinking woman.  She had gone to spas, dieted, exercised, but always wore sizes 16-18.  Her dressmaker kept taking in her skirts, exclaiming,”You lose weight.”  She now wears size 10-12, the smallest she has ever been in her adult life.

A 77-year old doctor lost a belt notch after the first month of rebounding and a second belt notch the second month.  All he did was shuffle his feet back & forth while holding on to the top of his refrigerator 15 minutes a day.

A relatively slender young woman in her early 30′s lost 4 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks just doing the 10-minute routine before breakfast.

A banker lost 87 pounds in less than a year following simple dietary advice and bouncing/jumping regularly.

A 57- year old woman had this to say: “My experience on the Needak rebounder has been amazing! I was a runner, a spinner – you name it. In a very short time – about 2 weeks – jumping ½ hour a day, my body tightened. I looked better, felt better, slept better, looked smaller, became more alert, got better eyesight. I love jumping while watching TV. I feel as though my brain remembers more and is functioning better, and most importantly, I’ve already noticed a reduction in my cellulite!”

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